Play Alongs

A play along is participatory music at its best. I prepare song sheets (lyrics and chords) of  songs and lead participants in playing those songs, offering tips and encouragement as we play, sing and have a good time. Play alongs happen in-person or virtually.

Virtual Play Alongs

I first came across one of Julie Stepanek's ukulele strumalong programs in 2016 (back when things could happen in person) at the Belding Memorial Library in Ashfield, Massachusetts. I enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to buy a ukulele of my own and start learning how to play. Since that time, I attended a variety of in-person ukulele programs at Belding Memorial Library in Ashfield, and Greenfield Public Library in Greenfield, Massachusetts respectively with other instructors, but I found that I enjoyed Julie's program the most.  

Once the pandemic hit and shut everything down, I thought I was done with the ukulele for the time being. A few months into the pandemic, I was happy to learn that Julie was doing online programs via Zoom. I tried it out and have been attending regularly ever since. It's been wonderful to be able to play my ukulele from home,  as well as to get my mind off of the news for a while and focus on something else during her strumalongs. Julie's style is inclusive and welcoming to beginners and experienced musicians alike. One does not feel discouraged if they aren't a musician to begin with. She chooses songs from a wide array of styles and genres of music encompassing many decades, often from the 1920s to present and it is always interesting, enjoyable and never boring! A good time is had by all who attend her virtual strumalongs.  

Diane Creagh  

Ashfield, MA

I first met Julie at her learn to play ukulele program at the Norwood MA public library. She made learning the ukulele simple and straightforward. I traveled to follow her classes at different libraries and eventually purchased my own ukulele and joined some local strumming groups. She is enthusiastic and shows her passion for teaching. When the pandemic started in March Julie adapted her style for virtual learning. She is very sensitive to her students’ needs. I have referred many of my friends to her Zoom classes. When I first decided to learn the ukulele I didn’t realize how much music could change my life.   

Eileen Facenda  

Waltham, MA 

Julie Stepanek has created and sustained an amazing remote venue for ukulele players of all ages and skill levels since due to Covid 19, she could no longer conduct in-person sessions at public libraries. Julie skillfully and quickly developed an online format with almost no interruption to her usual in-person schedule. She created her own unique and user-friendly template for formatting the music on the screen and consistently seeks feedback from participants about what is most helpful. Whether teaching an introductory program for beginners or hosting a strum along for all skill levels, Julie has successfully engaged a  

large community of followers for whom her programs have become among the most treasured hours of participants’ weeks during this long stretch of covid isolation. Julie’s style is encouraging and instructive and authentic. She has that great gift of teaching to all levels at once, so that whether a novice or seasoned uke player, everyone leaves a session not just with the wonderful experience of making music, but with a gem of knowledge about a particular strum or how to navigate from one chord to another or about the background history of the song or composer. I can’t be effusive enough about how Julie has brought together a group of “strangers” who now experience her sessions as an emotionally connecting and intellectually satisfying zoom event. I have taken other online uke courses and attended other strum alongs and without exception, Julie is surpassed by none. She is well-deserving of support that will allow her to continue her programming and expand it to an even greater audience.  

Donna Besecker  

Lowell, MA 

I wholeheartedly support Julie Stepanek and her virtual ukulele strum along! These have been a terrific way for me to learn and practice the ukulele without any pressure or stress. The song lists are perfectly varied to provide some simple and some more complicated tunes so we do not get frustrated but remain challenged and growing! The online format was a lifesaver during the covid stay-at-home months and her in-person classes were even more fun! I would recommend these virtual strum alongs for just about anyone who wants to learn to play or practice what they already know!   

Sue Overstreet   

Danville, NH 

Ukulele lessons lead by Julie have been a true bright spot in a very difficult year. I work as an emergency room registered nurse in San Diego, California, and see firsthand the misery and horror that is COVID19. Julie's instruction and presence have been a huge respite for me and provided so much joy and relief. Julie offered daily free ukulele classes for months at the beginning of the pandemic and provided a space for learning, singing and community. She continues to offer classes multiple days every week. Julie's classes are welcoming, educational and very fun. She is a true treasure and brings so much joy to our diverse group of musicians, whether they be amateur or expert. Thank you, Julie!  

Dexter Dong  

San Diego, CA 

I'm quite familiar with the ukulele, having lived in Hawaii for 30 years and received my Bachelor of Music from the University of Hawaii. I'm a semi-retired professional viola, violin and bass player, whose main work was symphonic music. I've known Julie Stepanek for five years, and value my work with her very much. She's artistic and accessible. She listens and leads. And she has a beautiful voice. Her Zoom play alongs are friendly and well run. She can make them easier or more challenging for the uke chords. I, like many, have found her uke strumalongs helpful in connecting and expressing ourselves in coping with covid.  

Richard Loomis  

Belchertown, MA